Brookyln Meadows

It's getting hot in here!

All across the country people are dealing with excessive heat. Lets talk about some of the ways it can affect your wedding. First and foremost, your guests. If your wedding is outside make sure you have plenty of water for your guests. Especially if you have elderly attendants, you need to pay attention to how they are feeling. Dress appropriately. If your wedding is outside you might want to think about renting fans or maybe a mister. Be sure to take frequent water breaks. Also bring a change of clothes! Now let’s talk about flowers. Heat can be very deadly to your florals. Some flowers do not play well with the heat without a water source in this type of weather. It is important to take into consideration the types of flowers you choose and how well they can handle the heat. Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t control the inevitable. Be kind to your florist, she has worked hard to give you your dream wedding. Sometimes you can’t fool mother nature!

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