Tossing & Turning over wedding planning?

Planning a wedding should not cause you to lose sleep. There are people who can help with all the details and simplify the process for you. Maybe going out of town to get married is terrifying for you but don't fret. Think about a destination with options. Connect with someone local who offers services, from the ceremony to the reception, to ensure that you have used the best people. Let them do their job! Often times they have a network of people who are trusted, will show up and deliver what you are expecting. Leave the guess work out. Interview before you hire make sure you feel like you are more than just a number. It is important to have a connection with the person who is doing the leg work for your big day. Are they easy to reach and do they respond with in 24 hours? Once that is done let the planning begin! Be sure to book early so you get your date, your time, and the best vendors.


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