Hoopers Crab House

Are you that bride who wants something that nobody else has had? How about the barn on the bay? Hooper's is a one of a kind location that is a little bit outside the box. Hooper’s Crab House offers exclusive private dining with an incredible view of Sinepuxent Bay and Ocean City. You can get married on one of the many docks or choose another location. Choose an all you can eat or Entree option and we will build you'r party from there. Let us turn your vision into a truly unique and fun wedding and reception that will be long remembered!

  • Peak season runs June 21st through September 7th. Hooper’s will not conduct private parties on Saturday nights during this time for groups larger than 50.
  • You will be charged a rate based on the amount of people in the party. We will allow 10% for non-attendance. Example: 100 people – you will be charged for minimum 90 people, even if only 80 attended.
  • Party reservations for 35 or more are required to register a credit card in advance. The party is granted a time frame for cancellation without facing penalty (varies upon situation).
  • If you have other ideas, please know that we are very flexible and will do as much as possible to accommodate your needs. Please do not hesitate to ask.
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