It all started with waffles!

My first conversation with Lauren went something like this...I really want waffles and a dance floor do you think it can happen? I had never had a request like that before so I said sure let's see what we can do. After a few phone calls Lauren's mom had spoken to Heidi from Harrison group and they will do a breakfast reception at Harborwatch. We had the waffles and the dance floor.

Lauren wanted to do her wedding in the morning so she could have sunrise pictures. It was decided that sunrise would be used for the first look with the ceremony to follow at 9 am. 

The sunrise was beautiful and Photographer Rob Korb captured the beauty of the "first Look". What a magical time for that shot. An empty beach, the sun coming up and two people in love.  On that particular day the wind was extremely bad but the ceremony went on! Gets arrived in their coats with smiles on their faces. They knew waffles were not too far away. I have heard a lot of vows written by the bride and groom but these struck a cord with everyone. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. The MOH and the Best man actually held the arbor so it did not blow over.

After a few breezy moment's The I do's were done and then.... the Party started! Harrison's put on a great breakfast spread and Lauren got her waffles & dance floor. Happy ending to a very happy day.

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