Sometimes It takes A Village

While planning a simple ceremony for Lauren & Thomas I worked with her mother Sandy. Sandy & I hit it off right from the start she wanted a simple beach ceremony, a nice dinner, some wedding cake and a few photos to remember the day. Lauren was not one who wanted a lot of "stuff" so we came up with a simple island look for her ceremony site , booked the dinner and got the cake! When I met the happy couple I was pleasantly surprised to meet them & their combined children -who were all part of the day and wonderful to say the least.  Thomas called his friend and asked if he would bring his guitar and play for the wedding. We had a small group of 12 and the ceremony went off with out a hitch. Lauren's brother did a reading from a bible verse and everyone was genuinely happy. So what started out as simple turned into It takes a village and we were able to create a beautiful memory for everyone involved. Thank you Sandy, Lauren & Thomas.

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