Just the two of us.

A wedding for two

There is something so magical about two people eloping. Just making the decision to get up and go with your wedding clothes and actually go through it is exciting. Mark & Dulcie did just that. they came to Ocean City spent a few days with each other , got married , took pictures and enjoyed their time. Dulce wore a beautiful dress, had her hair done , got a bouquet and stepped on the beach shortly before sunset to say her I Do's. Mark had on his jeans and a crisp white shirt of neither wore shoes. I think my favorite part was when she put on her jean jacket as it got windy on the beach. The juxtaposition of a wedding gown and a jean jacket what a fashion statement. I don't know too many brides who could pull that off and actually make it look cool.

They brought their photographer who took pictures of the ceremony and then they went to the inlet and board walk to get some one of a kind wedding shots. It was early November and the day was sunny, cool, and clear. The biggest problem we had was it was "breezy".- not to bad for November. They were a cool couple so we did a few different things in their ceremony and I was very honored to share their day. Thank you Mark & Dulcie!

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