Off the boardwalk , Down by the sea.

Gene & Carol managed to time their I Do's after the storm. Arriving in the inlet we were surprised to find so much extra sand everywhere. Evidently they had  removed all the sand from the parking lot and pushed it onto the beach.  There had not been enough time for it to wear away or be moved probably because the parking lot was the site for Corvette Weekend preparations had to made for the event. Despite the obstacles we were able to find the perfect flat spot to declare their love for each other -with the dog in tow. She was so cute it was her first time on sand and there was a little confusion for her because she sunk every time she took a step. After their ceremony some laughs and a few tears they were ready for pictures!

Carol wore a wedding gown for her nuptials which made for some great Boardwalk shots! The nice thing about off season and the boardwalk is there are quite a few places to take your one of a kind pictures for those special memories from you day. Not the ordinary wedding shots! Many people I marry have a connection to the boardwalk or the beach that usually involves their favorite vacation memory or the spot where they got engaged. It is so nice when they can integrate that into their ceremony spot and their day. Full circle.

Photo credit Dennis McDonough

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