Who are you really hiring?

Planning A destination wedding who do you hire?

Planning a destination wedding can be scary? You are working with people you don't know usually over the phone and the internet how do you know who to work with? I have spoken to a few people in the past few weeks who have hired someone for their wedding and the person has taken their money and disappeared. First off if they are not directly associated with a venu as an employee of the venu or directly referred by the venu check them out..  I was appalled that they had taken their money in exchange for a service and then vanished. First thing check with the local chamber of commerce for a reference, run a back ground check (they are free online-case search is a good one). Just because someone has a website that looks good, or a physical location does not mean they are above the law.Usually criminals can talk the talk and are good at demanding payment and not giving you their time after. Protect yourself and do your homework avoid disappointment on your big day. This should be the happiest day of your life! 

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