What image does the name Gatsby bring up to you? It was a classic novel depicting the Jazz Age of the roaring 20"s . A time of great excess and extravagant parties. Parties with a lot of opulence and luxury. Providing tons of room for interpretation when using the theme to create a exciting backdrop for a wedding reception. My interpretation was black & white, glamorous , with a little sparkle. A beautiful sheer over lay, black chargers , crystal like light up spheres, and a center pierce with greens and feathers . All on exquisitely set tables and your mood is set. Add some guests and a great Dj maybe a signature drink of the day the "Bee's Knees" and everyone will feel like they are at a Luxurious event hosted by Gatsby himself.

Reception Decor :Alison to the Altar          Florals: Little Miss Lovely   Make up: Andrea Bounds 

Photography : McCarthy Imagery                Linens: Coastal Tented Events 

Location: Light house Sound              For more Information call 443-695-5044

Alison to the Altar
Alison to the Altar
Alison to the Altar Tall
Alison to the Altar
Alison tot the Altar sweet
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