She said yes!!!

It was beautiful August evening and Pablo had some big plans he was going to propose to the woman who meant the world to him. He was looking for a little assistance thats where we came in. We went to a secluded spot on the beach and set up a quilt, some chilled champagne and glass with a dozen roses, and some scattered rose petals. XX was running behind and Pablo was trying to get her moving so we could capture their moment. Oddly enough there was a wedding going on at the same time!! I hwas hoping that would not scare him away. 

Approaching the far end of the beach Pablo & XX held hands and walked towards us...he saw the blanket and knew this was his spot. He gave her the roses and a big hug & kiss and then he did it. getting down on one knee he pulled out a beautiful black box and asked her to marry him! SHE SAID YES! We came out of our hiding spot in the weeds and approached them she was so surprised at the length he had gone to to make it a romantic proposal and we were honored to be a part of it! Congrats Pablo & XX can't wait for the I Do's.

They say every picture tells a story..this one had a happy ending! 

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