The Second Time around

Sometimes the love of your life turned out not to be "the one"! Today a lot of people marry more than once and this is where questions arise about proper etiquette.

More often than not these brides are a little older and a littler wiser than they were the first time they said I Do. Often they are women with a career, kids, and a lot of commitments so planning a wedding is another balancing act. That is where planners come into play. Working with someone who can handle the details is often the best route to go. 

The big decisions become a long or short dress, where will the kids come into play and how many people really need to be on the guest list? Typically, I find these to be smaller,  more intimate gatherings to celebrate the day. Dinner or cocktail parties and often weekends that incorporate the new family with family oriented activities are more the norm.

A beach wedding can turn your wedding into just that. Fun and sun as well as starting new traditions for a new family. No matter what you choose remember it is still the  first day of the rest of your life. Treat it special.

Photo by Melissa Condolfi

Photo by Melissa Condolfi

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