What is Plan B for Arianne & Michelle?

People always ask me what is Plan B? Well that can be a lot of things it usually means what happens if the weather doesn't cooperate. Arianna & Michelle gave new meaning to this question. By the time they said their I Do's we had a Plan B and a Plan C!! Tropical Storm Joaquin was set to hit the East Coast the weekend of their wedding.  Talking to the couple all week it was decided to bring the ceremony inside. The evening of the rehearsal I went to the house they had rented on the beach and we mapped out an area for the ceremony -complete with an ocean view &  waves crashing in the background!  We set up our plan B arbor and I went home. I knew this meant that it would probably be a beautiful day the next day. Sure enough the sun was shining and the winds had died down. Michelle called me early in the morning and asked if we could do the ceremony on the deck. Plan C came into effect!

Arriving at the house we proceeded to break down the arbor from the night before and pulled in the Plan C set up. We all laughed as we talked about how many different "looks" were part of this celebration. Luckily for us the deck was large enough for all of the chairs and the white runner for the isle tied the inside and the outside together. After it was all said and done everything worked out perfectly. Surrounded by their loved ones they tied the knot and had a great story to tell! The moral of the story is trust that what will be will be and everything will work out. If you accomplish the goal of getting married with the ones you want present it was a success. Congrats Arianne & Michelle Thank you for sharing your day!

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