Why should you consider insuring your wedding?  Peace of mind!

While you are busy planning all the details for your wedding day don’t leave one stone unturned- Insurance. Your wedding is an investment, the average cost is in the thousands of dollars range. To not insure your wedding is like buying a car and not insuring it.

Many things can go wrong regardless of how carefully you plan things. There are so many things beyond your control. The venue goes out of business before your wedding. There is a hurricane or some other act of “God”. Your bridal shop closes its doors and you haven’t picked up your dress. The photographer deletes your photos. Your cake is dropped!

With the proper insurance you can relax knowing that you are covered. Protect your investment and your memories against loss. With insurance you can have protection against any of a number of things and know that if something unforeseen should happen you have protection for the non-recoverable expenses.

If you don’t have insurance we have an agent that can provide lost cost coverage and peace of mind. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the options- such as what is available, how much insurance do you need, what is a fair price to pay? Use an independent agent who will look out for you. fill out the form today and we will connect you with an agent for The Wedding Protector Plan! Better Safe than Sorry.

Wedding & Event Insurance

Completing the attached form will not guarantee coverage. A representative will be contacting you with coverage information after this form is complete. Acceptable payments are MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, & Discover.

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