Wedding Management Services

Upon Booking Your Wedding Planner

Hand selected Vendor List - We will provide you with our list of recommended event professionals which includes 2-3 event professionals for each vendor category including caterers, photographers, videographers, music and entertainment, floral and decor companies, cake designers, stationery companies, transportation. Our recommended professionals are vendors we feel confident working with. We encourage you to meet with them when choosing your vendor team.

Wedding Planning Checklist - We will provide you with our in-depth planning checklist to use throughout the wedding planning process.

30-60 Days Before the Wedding Day

Details Meeting - We will meet with you for one (1) meeting to review wedding day details, talk through the timing of the wedding day, and review the services that will be provided by your contracted event professionals. This meeting is up to 2 hours in length and takes place approximately 45-60 days prior to your wedding day.

Introduction to Your Vendor Team - We will contact your vendor team approximately 45 days prior to the wedding to introduce ourselves as your wedding coordinators.

Draft Wedding Day Schedule - After the details meeting, we will draft a detailed wedding ceremony and reception schedule. We will also have notes regarding the setup of all wedding decor and details that we are responsible for.

Create Wedding Vendor List - We will compile a list of all your contracted wedding professionals with their contact information.

30 Days Before the Wedding Day

Email and Phone Support - Starting at 30 days prior to the wedding, your planner will become available to answer wedding related questions through phone and email during regular business hours.

Final Walk-Through Meeting - We will work with you and your reception venue to schedule a final walk-through meeting. We will attend the final walk-through with you to finalize the timing, details, and layout of the reception. This typically takes place 15-45 days prior to the wedding day.

Final Wedding Day Schedule - We will finalize the wedding day schedule with you and the vendor team and distribute the schedule to all of the vendors.

Final Vendor Confirmations - We will confirm timing and logistical details with each vendor.

1-3 Days Before the Wedding Day

Texting Support - Starting 3 days prior to your wedding, your planner will become available for questions via text as well as through phone and email between the hours of 8am-8pm.

Wedding Rehearsal Coordination - We will attend your wedding rehearsal and work with your wedding officiant or minister to rehearse the processional, ceremony outline, and recessional. We will review the wedding day arrival time and locations with the bridal party. The rehearsal coordination includes up to one hour of time for your wedding planner to coordinate the ceremony rehearsal.

Final Payments - If you wish to have your wedding planner distribute final payments to your wedding vendors on the wedding day, these can be given to your planner in sealed and labeled envelopes during this time.

Collection of Small Decor Items - If your wedding venue does not have storage capability, you can deliver up to 5 medium size boxes of items to your wedding planner during this time. The planner will bring these items to the wedding on the wedding day. These items may include favors, escort and place cards, menu cards, wedding programs, guest book, and small decor items.

Wedding Day

On-Site Time - Your wedding planner and assistant(s) will be on-site for up to ten hours on the day of the wedding. The planner’s arrival and departure times are listed in the wedding day schedule and are determined by the wedding planner.

Setup Supervision - We will supervise ceremony and reception load-in and setup with your vendor team. We will setup small decor items and details including wedding favors, unity candles, sand ceremony, wedding programs, guest book, toasting flutes, cake serving set, guest favors, gift/card box, place cards, escort cards, table names or numbers, menu cards, and seating charts.

Client Concierge - We will check-in with you and your fiance throughout the wedding day to ensure your needs are met, questions are answered, and the day is happening according to your desires.

Coordinate Ceremony - We will assist with line-up of the wedding processional including grandparents, parents, and the bridal party. We will cue the ceremony musicians if needed and direct the individuals involved in the ceremony processional. After the ceremony, we will move small detail and decor items to the reception location if needed.

Coordinate Reception - During the reception, we will work closely with the venue, catering team, DJ or band, and the photo and video professionals to ensure accuracy of upcoming events, announcements to be made, and smooth transitions for you and your guests throughout the reception event. This includes coordination of the first dance, parent dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, last dance, and any other events that are scheduled to take place.

Vendor Team Lead - We will be the point of contact for your team of wedding professionals on the day of the wedding. Using the wedding day schedule, we will work with your team to answer questions and stay on schedule throughout the day of the wedding. We will also work with the catering staff and vendor team to coordinate vendor meals and breaks.

Emergency Kit - We have a wedding day emergency kit that will be on-site for the wedding day. This kit includes a variety of items such as bandages, safety pins, hair spray, wet wipes, scissors, tape, mints, a sewing kit, and many other items to fix emergencies or necessities that may happen on the wedding day.

Wedding Day Schedule Management - Throughout the day, we will use the wedding day schedule to manage the timing and events of the day with you, your guests, and the vendor team. This includes numerous weddings day events such as the first look, transitioning guests to cocktail hour, lining up the bridal party for the grand entrance, coordinating dinner service timing with your caterer, ensuring you and the musicians or DJ are ready for the first dance, and communicating with the catering team for the cake cutting.

Guest Assistance - We assist guests with questions that come up throughout the day. Along with the catering or venue staff, we will graciously direct guests from the ceremony to the cocktail hour location and then to the reception location if needed.

Clean-up Supervision - Oversight of post reception clean up (Floral breakdown not included), collection and box up of personal items including the guest book, toasting flutes, and extra stationery items. We will work with your designated person to put weddings gifts and your personal items into a car or other on-site location at the end of the reception.

Guest Transportation Assistance - We will assist with coordinating timing and logistics details of guest shuttles and bride and groom transportation throughout the day of the event.

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