How do we get of our photos in one spot? Gone are the days of disposable cameras on every table. With today's technology it seems as though everyone who comes to a wedding has some type of mobile device with them. There are plenty of free apps out there to gather all of your photos in one spot. WedPics is the one I am most familiar with. Giving the bride a groom the ability administer the pictures once posted. It is a s simple as downloading the free app and giving out your unique Wedding  ID to all the guests through social media or signs at the event or as part of the invitation. Guests can take photos and post directly to site then everyone can visit the site and see the wonderful pictures from the wedding.

The site offers other features as well; accommodations , events, registries, anything you want to put out to everyone. Think of all the fun everyone will have creating moments you were too busy to see! There just may be a few surprises as well.

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